family villas with pool

At Owners Direct, our villas come in all shapes and sizes, and many can sleep ten people or more and aren’t as expensive as you’d first think. When you’re splitting the cost of the property between the number of people in the group, the whole property becomes a lot more affordable. Below is a list of reasons why renting a villa is a much better option for family and group holidays than booking a hotel.


Spain is one of the U.K.'s favourites, with plenty of sun and sea and a very interesting combination of Christian and Moorish culture, which shows itself best in the architecture and Spanish language. A villa in Madrid with a pool ensures that you can unwind even in the centre of town. Fancy the Iberian seaside? We offer poolside villas in magnificent places such as Tossa and Málaga, too. Spain is a great choice for group holidays, and there are plenty of coaches that can take you there.

Spain holiday villas with pool


The western part of the Iberian Peninsula closely resembles Spain's landscape and culture. Portugal boasts incredibly beautiful national parks, and Lisbon and Porto are smart choices for a good city trip. If you think you've seen all the Iberian Peninsula has to offer, check out Portugal. You'll be in for a good surprise. A holiday home in Portugal with a pool is an excellent choice for family holidays. Definitely check out the Algarve, where the weather is very pleasant in both summer and winter.

Portugal holiday villas with pool


Turkey and Great Britain aren't very much alike. The latter is rainy and soggy; Turkey is scorching hot and sunny. Turkey is one of Europe's most popular holiday destinations, thanks to the beautiful and rugged environments, exotic beaches, and tons of towns with lots of things to see and do. The Turks are a friendly people who love the fact that their country has become so popular with tourists. Our Turkish poolside villas are absolutely beautiful; you'll definitely enjoy them.

Turkey holiday villas with pool


Italy is the country of pizza, great wines, Tuscany, Venice, the Coliseum, and beautiful Rome. Italy has three different kinds of climates—all of them very agreeable—so it’s no mystery that everybody feels at home in Italy. A favourite choice for many couples, Italy has a kind of romance about it that you won't find in many other places. Italy is also very popular with history lovers, as most of Europe's culture stems from the ancient Romans.

Italy holiday villas with pool


The French are proud of la France, and for good reason. France is a beautiful country that really has it all: metropolises, mountains, lakes, beaches, cosy villages, undulating hills, and of course wineries, many, many wineries. If you enjoy wine, you'll have a good time in France. If you don't, France still has plenty in stock for you. Since France is so close, it makes for cheap holidays—you'll hardly have to spend a lot of money on transport.

France holiday villas with pool


The Cypriots love their island, where life is as relaxed as it could be. If you enjoy hot, exotic climates, Cyprus won't disappoint you. The most well-known tourist town is Paphos, which offers an old town centre dating back centuries and a lovely harbour, adorned by plenty of fantastic fish restaurants and many sources of entertainment. Local tip: Rent a car and hit the island's excellent roads. The island itself is rife with breathtaking vistas and splendid views.

Cyprus holiday villas with pool

Canary Islands

If white beaches, coconuts, and volcanoes float your boat, you should definitely check out the Canary Islands. The Islands just have it all, and they're only a couple of hours within flying distance from Great Britain. The climate is fantastic—there's no shortage of sun all year through and hardly a drop of rain. Whether you enjoy endless partying or rambles through natural splendour, the Canary Islands won't let you down. The island inhabitants are very welcoming as well.

Canary Island holiday villas with pool


One of the world's most popular islands, Ibiza is the perfect place for you to unwind. The island has no shortage of entertainment for every generation. There are renowned restaurants, fantastic clubs, desert beaches, mountains, and forests, not to mention the tropical temperatures and perpetual breeze. That breeze is particularly welcome during the hottest days on the island. A holiday letting with pool in Ibiza will make you feel reluctant to fly back—mark our words.

Ibiza holiday villas with pool


This has to be the top reason to rent a villa over a hotel, as a villa is like a home from home. You’ll have your own living room, kitchen, pool, and balcony to use when and as you please. Plus you won’t have to worry about anyone else getting your favourite sun bed by the pool before you do.


The price is another good reason big groups really benefit from renting a villa, as you can split the cost among the number of people in the group. Therefore, you can afford to go a nice holiday with all your friends, or better still you could upgrade your accommodation to something more special, since you’re splitting the cost overall. You can also save money on eating out while on holiday, as you’ll have access to your own kitchen and cooking equipment therefore will have the option to cook your own meals instead of eating out at expensive restaurants every night.

Family & Friends

In our busy working lives, we sadly don’t get to spend enough quality time with our favourite people: our friends! Booking a group holiday and renting a villa is the perfect excuse to get all the gang back together and relive the good old times once again. The same goes for your family—there are certain relatives we’d love to spend more time with but just don’t get a chance.


Have you ever been annoyed at children who run around the pool all day? Or on the contrary, have you ever wished your children had somewhere private to run around and make as much noise as they like? With our villas with private pools, you have the perfect solution on both counts as you get the privacy of your own facilities, where you can make as little or as much noise as you like!