Security Centre

Tips and tools for holidaymakers and property owners
in how to maximise their holiday rental experience

Secure Booking

Get to know the property owner or manager

Call the owner and ask questions about the property such as how long they have owned it, and request references from past guests. You should also request a rental agreement, or if the owner or manager does not use rental agreements, ask for a printed list of your obligations as a renter.

How to handle issues with owners

We recommend speaking with the owner directly to try to resolve any issues. If the issue is more serious or hasn’t been resolved after speaking with the owner or manager, please contact customer support - we take all complaints seriously.

Fraudulent Listings

We have a dedicated Trust and Security team looking for fraudulent listings. Be on the lookout for “too good to be true” deals, significantly lower rates than similar properties in the area,  poor grammar and anything else which seems unusual as compared to other listings. If you are concerned about any listings, we encourage you to contact us.

Be aware that property owners or managers may be victims of identity theft

Our owners and managers can communicate with travellers through email providers and systems outside of Owners Directs' security firewalls. These external systems create the potential for phishing to occur. Phishing is when a criminal takes over an owner’s or manager’s email account. Once the phisher has control over their account, the phisher impersonates the owner or manager and convinces travellers to send money to the phisher’s account rather than to the owner or manager. To protect yourself from phishing, always phone the published telephone number on the Owners Direct listing to confirm your reservation dates and payment details before paying. If no phone number is listed, please contact us for assistance by clicking here.