10. The Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are a great place to have fun on the beach, and many companies will offer you all-inclusive deals to the Balearics, so there’s no need to save up a whole load of spending money.

Balearic Islands Destination for Young People

9. The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are another great holiday destination for first-time holidaymakers with magnificent beaches, wonderful weather, and the option to go all-inclusive. Plus the Canaries are quite adventurous as they’re quite far away of course!

Canary Islands Destination for Young People

8. Cyprus

One of the most popular and beautiful of the Greek islands, Cyprus is guaranteed to give you a great time and wonderful weather. It’s the perfect place to have fun and work on that tan.

Cyprus Destination for Young People

7. Eqypt

Egypt, and particularly the Nile Cruises or the Red Sea, is a fantastic holiday destination. You can go diving, ride on camels, or even just sit on the beach and do absolutely nothing. And best of all, you’ll come back to your hotel every day and find towels folded in a variety of beautiful shapes, like a swan or a rose.

Egypt Destination for Young People

6. Greece

Greece is made up of a cluster of islands as well as the mainland, and any of these locations are great for you to visit. Whether you’re just looking for a sun-kissed holiday on the beach or a cultural holiday visiting historic sites, Greece truly has it all.

Greece Destination for Young People

5. Menorca

Menorca is a great island off the coast of Spain where many young people flock each year to have some great fun in the sun. Cheap and cheerful, Menorca is a great holiday destination for any young first-time holidaymaker.

Menorca Destination for Young People

4. Portugal

Portugal is another wonderful destination if you want to enjoy the sun, the people, the culture, and nature. And, of course there’s nothing better than sitting on the beach sipping Sangria all day long!

Portugal Destination for Young People

3. Mallorca

Mallorca has been a popular tourist destination for many years, and for good reason. Fantastic beaches, vibrant nightlife, great temperatures—everything you need for a fantastic first-time holiday on your own.

Mallorca Destination for Young People

2. Ireland

If you’re ready to take your very first holiday on your own, why not start with a visit to Ireland on St Patrick’s Day? The people are friendly, the atmosphere is vibrant, the pubs and food are fantastic. Just be sure to wear green, of course!

Ireland Destination for Young People

1. Gibraltar

The island of Gibraltar has to be the best holiday destination for a first-time holidaymaker. It’s only a small island, so you stand no chance of getting lost. The temperatures are great, the nightlife is fantastic, and you can also educate yourself by visiting the monkeys. Your parents are sure to agree that Gibraltar is a great holiday destination!

Giblartar Destination for Young People