Planning a holiday around one of the top festivals gives you a chance to see or take part in some of the best celebrations that take place around the world. Here we look at ten of the top festivals in the world that you may not have heard of. These are a great way to spice up a holiday or just do something unique, wonderful and completely exciting for a break.

10. St Patrick’s Day Fest — Dublin, Ireland

While St. Patrick’s Day festival is celebrated worldwide there is no better place to celebrate than in Ireland. Everyone dresses ostentatiously, the drinking lasts all day and all night and everyone is out for a great time with every bar, club and street filled with revelers.

9. Ultra Music Festival — Miami, Florida

The Miami Ultra music festival is one of the biggest annual events in Florida and an incredible party that takes place on Miami Beach and in bars and clubs across the city. It’s a testament to everything great about electronic music and the party is incredible lasting long until the night with outrageous costumes and stunning light displays.

8. Oktoberfest — Munich, Germany

This annual event actually starts two weeks before October. The Oktoberfest has been a significant part of the Bavarian culture ever since 1810. It’s a festival of beer drinking, Lederhosen and ostentatious beer swilling and singing. The celebrations see a huge amount of beer consumed and parties lasting all day and night!

7. La Tomatina — Valencia, Spain

Held on the last Wednesday of August each year, the festival is held in the Valencian town of Bunol and is a huge food fight with tomatoes. The week-long festival features music, parades, dancing, and fireworks and then the main event where truckloads of tomatoes are brought into the streets before being smashed and hurled into oblivion.

6. Venice Carnival — Venice, Italy

Venice carnival is one of the most beautiful and elaborate of the festivals in the world and people go all out dressing in elaborate costumes, masks and with music and celebration to rival any party worldwide. Plus you’re in one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world with its canals, art and serene ambience.

5. Carnivale — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Rio Carnivale is the biggest carnival in the entire world and really is the most exciting spectacle that there is in terms of street parades, wild costumes and extravagant parties. Nearly half a million people descend on the country every year and the party is a colourful mix of cultures, Samba music and style.

4. Chinese New Year — Beijing, China

Chinese New Year is celebrated throughout the country with vast fireworks displays, firecrackers and lantern displays. It’s a beautiful family centred celebration but there are incredible events and parades throughout the cities with dancing animals and of course plenty of infamous Chinese dragons.

3. Jazz Festival — Montreal, Canada

Montreal’s International Jazz Festival is the best jazz music event in the world. It boasts over 30 stages throughout the city and attracts some 3 million visitors a year. It’s an incredible showcase of big names, up and coming stars and amateur groups with dozens of free events and paid for concerts. If you’re a music lover this is a must and Montreal is a beautiful city to explore.

2. Festival of San Fermin — Pamplona, Spain

The running of the bulls in Spain is one of the most adrenaline fueled exciting festivals in the world and tends to attract young headstrong madmen from all over the world. The festival celebrates saint’s day and is a fantastic week long celebration of food, music and art with the frantic Bull Run forming the locus of events.

1. The Fringe Festival — Edinburgh, Scotland

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is one of the biggest cultural celebrations in Europe and is a fantastic showcase of new talent, incredible art, live music, standup comedy and partying. The festival takes over the whole city and every pub, club, street and park comes alive with entertainments from amateur street performers to world famous musicians and comedians.