Lanzarote has a natural beauty unlike any other in the world, vast sprawling beaches and some of the best villas and apartments on offer in the world. It’s a great destination for families, couples and large group with lively nightlife and secluded quiet spots to explore. Here we take a look at ten of the best things to do and see in Lanzarote on your holiday.

Sailing and Sailing Tours

Lanzarote is a beautiful place to learn to sail but you can also take some wonderful boat tours around the archipelagos or to Graciosa for a fantastic day out. Watching a sunset from a boat is a romantic and fun experience for anyone and well worth the expense.


Castillo de Guanapay

The fortress of Guanapay stands at the top of a volcano and was middle in the15th century. It’s high walls were almost impregnable and fended of the pirate attacks of the age incredibly effectively. Today you can stroll the walls, explore the keep and enjoy a fantastic visitor’s centre.

Castillo de Guanapay

Surfing and Extreme Sports

Lanzarote is famous for its surf spots and is fondly called “little Hawaii in many surfing circles. Thanks to Atlantic swells the surfing is incredible and there are also great opportunities for wind surfing, kite boarding and other water activities. On land you can rock climb, abseil and even hang glide so there’s plenty to keep adrenaline lovers happy.


Jamos del Agua

Jamos del Agua is an incredible curiosity. It’s a large volcanic tube that collapsed many years ago and formed a beautiful pool surrounded by sands and volcanic rock. However, the real interest is the restaurant and auditorium that was created here by Cesaar Manrique; which forms itself around the volcanic tube and provides a great day out.

Jamos del Agua

The Chinijo marine reserve

The Chinijo marine reserve stretches around 5 small islands off the north coast of Lanzarote and is a wonderful, protected marine reserve that plays host to a fantastic array of bird and sea life. Tours of the island on boat and foot are a great day out if you want to enjoy Lanzarote’s natural wildlife and astounding beauty.


The Wine Route

The Wine Route is completely unique to Lanzarote and tells an incredible story of man’s relationship with nature. The wine route is a huge area that was covered in volcanic ash many centuries ago. Now the whole region is covered in small impressions which grow grapes. It’s a stunning landscape and the wines on offer are amongst the best in the world.

Wine route

The Green Caves

The Green Caves, just outside of Haria, were formed by volcanic activity some 4000 years ago. The large underground caverns run for 4 miles to the sea and are perfect for exploring and seeing one of natures most impressive and scary impacts on the earth. The caves are beautiful and guided tours take you to some of the most incredible caverns in the world.


Mirador del Rio

Mirador del Rio offers the most stunning views of any of the Canary Islands and is absolutely not to be missed on any trip. It’s a raised view point some 500 metres above sea level and offers incredible views of Lanzarote’s sea and islands including the isles of Graciosa and the El Rio strait. It’s got a restaurant that is a great place to take in the view and well worth a trip.

Mirador del Rio

Timanfaya National Park

Timanfaya National Park is small but offers natural beauty beyond description. The ochre lunar landscapes and lava fields make this a truly beautiful place to explore. You can hike through large parts of the park and take guided tours or camel rides across and around the park. The volcanic landscape is incredible and the rock formations and sand banks make for a grand adventure.

Timanfaya National Park

The Beaches

Lanzarote’s beaches are perfect. There are quiet beaches in secluded coves and vast stretches of sand in some of the most popular resort towns. Some of the most popular beaches are at Playa Blanca, Arrecife, Quemada, Punta del Papagayo and Ouerto del Carmen. There are beautiful beaches everywhere boasting fantastic surf, scuba diving, diverse sea life and plenty of beach fun activities under warm suns and soft sands.


Lanzarote is a wonderful island and we’ve got some incredible villas and apartments on offer throughout the island. You can save a lot of money and have an incredibly luxurious holiday renting through Owner’s Direct and you’ll have memories that last a lifetime.

Flights to the island cost as little as £50 return and flight time is around 3 hours so you’ll have plenty of time to relax and unwind; without too much travel hassle. The island is magnificent and you can hire a car to drive around or use local taxis and transport. Day to day costs on the island will be very low with most of the best attractions being free or inexpensive.

A holiday in Lanzarote is simply perfect and one of our favourite island getaways in the world.