UK Short Holiday Destinations

If you’re planning short holidays, a great way to keep your costs down is by hiring a holiday home, villa, or apartment, articularly if you’re going with a large group.The overall daily cost by comparison is so low that it may sound too good to be true. Especially in destinations such as Spain, you may be able to find villas with pools and other luxuries with incredibly low prices. Furthermore, by hiring a holiday home or apartment, you’ll have the freedom to cook and drink “from home”, meaning you’ll also keep your costs of consumables down by not going out for a meal every night.


Spain is a great place to visit if you only have a limited amount of time. For example, why not spend a week on one of the Balearic Islands? Short holidays offer you plenty of time to see a few of the sites and just enjoy yourself relaxing the rest of the time. Laze about on the wonderful beaches or enjoy the vibrant nightlife.

Spain — Short Holiday Destinations


Egypt, particularly the Red Sea resorts, is a great destination for short holidays. You won’t feel as though you didn’t have enough time to see everything, because Red Sea short holidays are designed for you to have a relaxing time doing very little other than sleeping, napping, eating, and working on a tan. True bliss in an idyllic location!

Egypt — Short Holiday Destinations


City breaks are a great way to spend short holidays. England offers a host of interesting places that you could visit to unwind or to enjoy anything the city has on offer, such as shopping, culture, the arts, eating, or the nightlife. Short holidays to any of England’s main cities are a great way to spend your time, for example in London, Liverpool, Cornwall, or many other locations.

England — Short Holiday Destinations

Short holidays are a great way to just unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Allowing yourself regular short holidays is a great way to recharge your batteries, and it certainly doesn’t need to cost much. Particularly if you decide to hire a holiday home, your prices will be incredibly low. For short holidays you can go as far away from home as you like, or as close to home for that matter, and treat yourself to a much-deserved break.