General information

This sheltered cove lies at the opening of the Fowey Estuary, and any photograph will clearly portray the wealth of natural beauty located in the area. Readymoney Cove Beach is perfect for beach holiday rentals, as amenities are situated in the town of Fowey, and there’s plenty to do in the surrounding areas. Beach cottages are available in the area, and guests can enjoy the cleanliness of this gorgeous bay as it’s cleaned daily during peak season. Although this beach is not as popular as many others in the county, Readymoney Cove has its own unique assets, which makes it stand out. The tidal rock pools here are excellent for crab fishing and provide a shaded retreat from the high temperatures soaked up by the beachfront. Although dogs aren’t permitted on this beach during the peak season that lasts from Easter until the end of September, tourists are allowed to swim in the water, which is reasonably clean and safe. However, all holidaymakers are warned to be on their guard when allowing their children to swim, as there are no lifeguards present here.

Major attractions

U.K. beach holidays at Readymoney Cove will give couples and families a chance to explore several of the historic sights in the area. A former coach house belonging to author Daphne du Maurier is located just above the cove, and St Catherine's Castle is located to the southwest. Although there are fewer than ten cottages in the Readymoney Cove hamlet, this makes it perfect for couples’ beach holidays, as peace and quiet can generally be expected. Readymoney Cove Beach holidays are a great way to escape everyday life for a week or so as the tranquil setting hasn’t been interrupted by mass tourism. Self-catering beach holidays are available here, giving holidaymakers the chance to enjoy barbecues and the local cuisine. As Readymoney Cove is a harbour, the local restaurants offer some of the freshest and finest produce daily. Family beach holidays in Readymoney Cove will also give holidaymakers the opportunity to visit attractions such as Marsh Villa. This water and woodland garden covers an area of roughly three acres and provides a magical day out for both children and couples.

When to visit

The best time to enjoy a holiday in Readymoney Cove is between April and September. Once Easter has passed, dogs are no longer allowed, and the temperatures during these months are the hottest of the year.

How to reach

This beach is located just outside of the Cornish town of Fowey and is very easy to find. Upon your arrival in Fowey, signs will aptly describe the exact route to Readymoney car park. From there, it’s a simple matter of negotiating the short footpath down to the beachfront.

Readymoney Cove Beach Holidays


The water at this beach is relatively calm during high season, meaning activities such as snorkeling and swimming can be enjoyed. Children can also feel safe taking to the water in an inflatable ring or small rubber boat, as tides are never too aggressive. This beach is great for building sand castles and other fun structures as the sand is very grainy and clean. On the beach, sun worshippers can also enjoy a spot of sunbathing, as the weather is usually calm.