Family holidays in Greece are always popular since there are plenty of things to do and see which will keep children entertained and also interest the adults. Greece is known for its warm Mediterranean climate and the temperature rarely falls below 20, even during the winter, so it is the ideal destination for villas with a pool.

Travel around mainland Greece is relatively straightforward; bus guides are available in English, and the service is more reliable than many travel destinations. It is possible to charter a boat when travelling to and from the various islands, but shuttle trips are also available and the largest islands have airports.


As the capital, both ancient and modern, there is always lots going on here; from guided tours of the exquisite Acropolis to fine dining, boutique shopping, and an assortment of holiday homes to suit every family holiday. The city has enjoyed a renaissance following the Athens Olympics of 2004, and the old and new exist together in easy harmony. Of all the holiday homes in Greece, those in Athens tend to be the most expensive, but they are worth every Euro cent.

Athens — Greece Family Holidays

Cyclades Islands

Popular things to do in the Cyclades include fishing and watersports, but the main attractions are the islands' stunning golden sandy beaches - ideal for those renting accommodation here with children. You are never far from the sea so everything you need is within walking distance. There is also a thriving nightlife scene on the islands, especially Mykonos, so bring your dancing shoes if you enjoy lively bars!

Cyclades Islands — Greece Family Holidays


Mykonos is an island buzzing with activity during the summer holiday season, as it welcomes young and fashionable tourists from across Europe. Booking self-catering holidays here allows you to visit the thriving local market for produce for your meals. It is the custom here to haggle and barter with the stall holders: they may even be offended if you try to pay the asking price so don’t feel shy about negotiating on price.

Mykonos — Greece Family Holidays


Rhodes is the nearest substantial island to Turkey, and has a balmy climate with fresh breezes. Children will enjoy the beach activities on offer here, including pedalo rides, water skiing and crab fishing. Locals here are very proud of the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was destroyed by an earthquake many years ago, but island visitors should take time to visit the dedicated museum.

Rhodos — Greece Family Holidays

Sporades Islands

The most popular tourist destination of the Sporades are mainly to be found on Skiathos, where the locals welcome tourists throughout the year. In peak season it is popular with stag and hen parties, so it might be best to avoid a summer holiday here if you have children or want a quieter break. There are over 60 beaches to choose from on Skiathos alone and, when taking a trek inland, you will discover unspoiled woodlands with fascinating flora and fauna.

Sporades Islands — Greece Family Holidays


This is the second largest city on Crete and has a fine selection of holiday homes for visitors. There are two distinct districts, with the Old Town boasting sacred relics and charming ruins, and the New Town bustling with shops, bars, restaurants, and other tourist destinations. The Agora market is very popular and here visitors can pick up affordable souvenirs, fresh produce, and essential bits and pieces for your holiday home.

Chania — Greece Family Holidays


Rethymno is also on Crete and is popular with family groups. Accommodation is plentiful and there is enough to keep you busy throughout your holiday. There are a number of new tourist facilities, making Rethymno one of the more modern tourist destinations of the Greek islands. When staying here, set aside some time to visit the Museum of Sea Life, located in an old abbey. Children and adults will be fascinated by the diverse creatures that are to be found in the deep blue sea.

Rethymno — Greece Family Holidays