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Part #3 of our Social media series: Pinterest

Part #3 of our Social media series: Pinterest

We are always telling you how important it is to make sure the photographs of your holiday home are up to scratch and the rise of Pinterest on the social media scene has highlighted their importance.


Pinterest is a photo sharing website and the idea is having a virtual pin board of things you like or for inspiration. You can have your own theme based image collections that others can comment on, 'like' and share and you can pin from other sites or re-pin from Pinterest itself. It is easy to use and is entirely visual making it very easy on the eye and really quite addictive. This makes it a really good addition to the advertisement for your holiday home because you can have an unlimited number of images and can categorize them accordingly.


Similar to other social media tools, you can spend as much or as little amount of time on Pinterest but the more time you spend initially, the more engagement you will get for your images.


How to use Pinterest

You can sign up to Pinterest by registering on the site or by creating an account. Once you are registered you can start to put pins on your boards. A ‘Pin’ is an image and you can add them to your boards by either copying and pasting the image url or by installing a ‘pin it’ button to the tool bar on your computer.


To find out how to do this you need to go to: http://pinterest.com/about/goodies/ You can also give captions about the images you are viewing and it is advisable to give credits to the photos if they do not belong to you. Once you've started pinning you might see people begin to share or comment on your images which is where the engagement begins.


How you can promote your holiday home with Pinterest:

  • Showcasing photos and other information of your holiday home
  • Sharing photos related to travel, home décor and other related categories
  • Engaging with your target market: so if the majority of your bookings were made by women you might focus on travel, home décor, weddings, etc.
  • Building links to your property page
  • Creating a conglomerate of shared images, resources, and links


Aside from the obvious images of your holiday home, here are some other ideas for boards:

  • Local area and attractions
  • People enjoying your holiday home (make sure you ask their permission first)
  • Local sports and festivals
  • Local foods and recipes


Our Owners Direct Pinterest board has been very successful and we have 36 boards with over 400 pins with new followers every day. We even got a mention on www.freshbusinessthinking.com website, which is an online business resource for entrepreneurs.


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For inspiration, visit the Owners Direct Pinterest board