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How to Draw Attention to the Facilities you Offer

The extra facilities holiday rentals provide, is the reason why many travellers choose them over hotels. The average holiday home is far better equipped, and guests often appreciate the personal touches on offer. Now in the days of restricted cheap airlines charging extra for checking in luggage and restrictions on toiletries and liquids in hand baggage, a well equipped holiday home is more in demand than ever. Increasingly travellers are looking for properties where they can enjoy all the conveniences of their home, to reduce the amount they have to pack and pre-holiday stress.

Many travellers also seek out properties with up market items, such as deluxe entertainment systems, whirlpool baths or designer kitchens. Often they see this as a way treating them selves to a luxury lifestyle they can’t afford to lead at home, so properties that stock these high end facilities are very desirable.

You will get space to provide details of the bedrooms and bathrooms available. This is because comfortable sleeping arrangements and convenient washing facilities are a priority for travellers.


The Bedroom and Bathroom Details

The Bedroom Details allows you to list the number, and types of beds available in each bedroom. Don’t sell yourself short. In a traveller’s mind there is a big difference between sleeping in a king-sized bed, and a futon in the living room.

This may include televisions, iPod docking stations, seating, en suite bathrooms and the interior style. If there are any items that are famous brands go ahead and mention these as well. Also be sure to list essential items will make a traveller’s life easier, such as the type and amount of bedding you provide, the wardrobe storage and furniture. This will help them decide whether or not they will be comfortable in this room.

Now do the same for the Bathroom Details. Be sure to list every bathroom in your house, and mention if any are en-suite. Detail all the facilities options that are relevant to each bathroom. When you use the notes, be sure to mention essential items such as how many towels you provide your guests, or cleaning products. If you provide toiletries mention these, as they are very desirable. Name drop any famous brands you provide, and mention any luxury features that will attract bookings.


The Checklists

Then you will be presented with checklists for the facilities you provide, and important aspects of your holiday home (such as entertainment facilities and internet access). Be sure to tick all the check boxes that that apply to your home. It may sound highly strung but, if a potential customer sees that you haven’t checked off a simple item like bed linen or a television, its likely they will assume you don’t stock it.


Additional Information Options

Suitability of the property

It is important to think carefully before filling this table out. Who is your property really suitable for? What are you willing to allow in your home.


Please note: Many home owners check off the option "wheel chair accessible", without considering what this really means. Just because you have double doors or low counter tops does not mean your holiday home is suitable. Wheel chair users have a lot of extra requirements that most holiday homes don’t provide, and feel frustrated when they make an enquiry and get let down. If you want to market your home as suitable for someone with mobility problems, please research the changes you will have to make thoroughly. The accessability section allows you to detail the suitability of your property.


Owner Profile

Be sure to add an owner profile. For many holidaymakers, renting directly from an owner is a new experience, so this section allows you to give the advert a more personal feel, which in turn offers reassurance.

Your passion for the property and area will often rub off on the holidaymakers and be the trigger for them making an enquiry.