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Part #1 of our Social media series: Facebook

So you’ve got a Facebook account but you have no idea how you can use it to the benefit of your holiday home.  This is where we can help.


For your holiday home, Facebook can help you to do all of the following:


  • Connect with past guests
  • Find potential guests
  • Connect with other owners and holiday rental-related businesses
  • Publish a variety of content types (photos, links, videos, stories, etc) in one location
  • Using it as a website if you don’t currently have one
  • Backdate historical information about your property and local area using the timeline
  • Spread word of mouth amongst holiday makers by encouraging them to interact with you


The best way to promote your holiday home through Facebook is to set up a page for it. By doing this you can keep it separate from your personal profile and don’t have to give the people that like your page, access to your private profile.


To create a page simply log into your account and click on the “Pages” button on the left-hand side of your home screen and you will be taken through a step by step guide on how to get started. 


What your page needs to be:


Similar to your Owners Direct advertisement you want to draw people’s attention to your page so use the best photograph. Make people want to know where your property is by putting a stunning shot of your home, pool or a local view.



Make sure you only have relevant information on your page, save long conversations with the same person for private messaging so that other comments stand out.

Post regularly but not constantly! You don’t want people to stop ‘liking’ your page because you are blocking up their news feeds.

Post information about any changes to your holiday home that might appeal to holidaymakers ‘Today at Casa Star we took arrival of our new gas bbq – great for evenings by the pool’
Post about local events and attractions to spark people’s interest in the area.



If someone comments on your page be sure to respond and use it as an opportunity to network.
You can use your page to find out what holidaymakers want, ask what they consider to be essential in a holiday home, get a conversation between people going.

Make it easy for people to find you by having a URL for your page – visit www.facebook.com/username and choose an extension for example we have www.facebook.com/ownersdirect


Making connections

Take time to like other pages, other holiday home owners pages, businesses in your area are great places to start with reaching out to holidaymakers. Building up the number of ‘likes’ for your page also shows others it is popular.

You might also find useful information that you can share on your own page from others and hopefully people will do the same for you.

If there is a popular event or festival in your area, find their page and keep up to date with it because this is a great way to secure bookings from people visiting the area.


Posting content



Photos are a brilliant way to attract people to your page and for your own home there should be plenty you can take. Always include a description of the photograph and keep them updated, a photo of your lounge from 2008 isn’t going to be as useful as one more recent.

Encourage past holidaymakers to post photographs of their time at your home for variety. Take photographs of your holiday home in all seasons if the climate is good. Photographs of the local area and attractions are also good because people generally don’t book a holiday home to stay in all day. An advantage of having a page is that you can put unlimited photographs on it and will be able to give potential holidaymakers the chance to see more of your home before they book.



Video footage is being increasingly used for house tours and is very popular with travellers. If you are going to post a video make sure the footage is good quality and that it isn’t too long as you don’t want people to get bored.


Check in

Make your home somewhere people can ‘check in to’

For more ideas on developing your page, take a look at http://www.facebook.com/ownersdirect  and see what we are doing.


Good luck with your pages!