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Creating a Straightforward Rental Rates Table

Our rates tool allows you flexible pricing options to allow you to add different kinds of rates for different situations and save time by automatically generating quotes.
Travellers prefer to see simple, clear pricing with no hidden fees or nasty surprises.
While it may make good business sense to have a sliding scale for different lengths of stay, this approach is often very confusing for travellers and may lead them to book elsewhere.
Types of Rate
1. Standard Price
Your standard price will cover any gaps in your rates, so you should set this as the minimum or average amount you charge for your property.
We recommend that you add a standard price to ensure that your property appears in traveller searches with specific dates and pricing.
2. Seasonal Prices
Seasonal Prices allow you to set specific prices for different periods throughout the year. For example, you can add rates on a week by week basis, or have separate rates for your high and low seasons.
3. Event Prices
Event prices are package deals for set dates and prices. For instance, you might charge a set price for a specific week when a sporting event is held. Travellers will then only be able to book the entirety of this period.
Other Information
You should also specify any additional fees, taxes or security deposit information in the dedicated sections.