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A Complete Guide to Marketing Holiday Homes Online

At Owners Direct we want every holiday rental property out there to achieve its full potential. One thing we have noticed is that many of the great holiday homes advertised on our site are undersold by their owners. We don't think that the fault lies in the hands of the owners; we know that all of you work hard, and are committed to your properties. We've realised we need to be more explicit in instructing our owners how to market their properties to their advantage.

The Ownersdirect.co.uk marketing team advertise your holiday homes to millions of holidaymakers every year. The team see hundreds of adverts every day in their work, and know what appeals to our customers. We have put together this simple guide to help you make the most of our service. It will teach you how to optimise your advert for your target market, direct relevant traffic and use simple principles to get more enquiries and bookings.

Put the principles you have learned to practice when advertising your holiday rental on our website, and using other marketing channels.


› Before you start...

Avoid slip ups when creating your advert, here are some basic rules to keep in mind.


› Write an Attention Grabbing Advert Headline

Tips for writing a headline that will make travellers want to click on your advert.


› Advice for Creating your Property Description

Write a property description that will sell your holiday home to clients.


› Perfect Holiday Rental Photos

Your photographs are the most important part of your advert, here's our holiday home photography guide.


› How to Draw Attention to the Facilities you Offer

Don't sell yourself short! Let potential guests know what you have to offer.


› Why you should Always keep your Availability Calendar up to date

If you're going to read one article today, read this one.


› Creating a Straightforward Rental Rates Table

How to display your rental rates in a straight forward way on Owners Direct.


› Mistakes to Avoid when Advertising your Holiday Home Online

Avoid some of the common mistakes rental owners make, which makes it harder for travellers to book their property.