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Established in 1997: we have 18 years experience in the UK holiday rentals industry.

Great performance: we had more than 48 million visits to our website last year.

Peace of mind: we provide secure communications where you have control over your direct communication with your travellers, a secure account and fraud protection.

Flexibility: you can set your own prices, availability, payment options and cancellation policy, and you can make changes to your listing at any time.

24/7 customer service: dedicated customer support team on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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What you get with your Owners Direct listing

Build your listing yourself and have control over what travellers see:

  • Choose a title for your property – up to 80 characters
  • Add a description of your property to highlight the amenities available in your property
  • Upload up to 24 photos to attract travellers
  • Collect reviews directly from travellers that have stayed in your property
  • Manage your calendar to show the latest availability

Well done Owners Direct! We started marketing our holiday home towards the end of the Summer season (not great timing) but from a standing start Owners Direct got us high occupancy and really, really, great tenants. Many thanks OD!
Dominic and Iona


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  • Try Owners Direct for free and only pay when you receive a booking
  • Best if you are new to holiday rentals
  • You pay 10% commission plus VAT for each booking*


From£199(for 6 months subscription**)
  • Pay a one-time subscription fee and receive unlimited bookings with no commission
  • Best for year-round rentals
  • If you are not happy with the service, we will refund the full cost of your subscription with our Money Back Guarantee

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* 10% commission + VAT will be charged for bookings through HomeAway websites. Bookings originating from our expanded distribution partners may be higher.

** excl. VAT.