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Along the coast the Cote d’Azur and the French Riviera offer some of the most luxurious living and most incredible beaches in the world. From the film festival at Cannes to the casino at Monte Carlo and the beautiful cities of Marseilles and Nice with their stunning marinas that Cote d’Azur is one of the most beautiful and exciting areas of the South of France.

Inland you can find some of France’s most beautiful scenery and most incredible towns. The rolling hills and gentle rivers of the south of France are incredibly beautiful and you can find incredible villas and houses tucked away in quiet corners or apartments in beautiful historical towns. There’s Avignon with its famous bridge to visit and its papal history and scores of beautiful cities and towns.

Further inland still you can enjoy the foothills of the Alps and beautiful rivers and mountains. This is one of the most beautiful and exciting areas in the world and well worth grabbing a hot deal for!

Provence villas with pools

Along the coast and inland you can find some of the world’s most luxurious houses and villas with pools as well as some more simple yet beautiful accommodation. Ranging from the opulent and extravagant to the simple and elegant this region of France has a property to suit absolutely everyone. Along the coast things tend to be more expensive but you can still find some incredible deals and last minute reductions that will give you the holiday of a lifetime.

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Last minute Provence villa offers

Houses and Villas in this region of France are exceptionally beautiful. You can stay in modern mansions or traditional French country villas with that authentic rustic atmosphere and ambience. The villages and towns littering the countryside give you a real taste of local French culture while along the coast and the Riviera you can rub shoulders with celebrities and bask in the Mediterranean suns on some of the world’s finest beaches.

Provence Cote d'Azur villa offers

Provence Alps apartments

If you really want to get a great deal on your holiday to the South of France then apartments are a great way to go. The South of France is awash with beautiful cities, towns and villages to stay in and explore. There are a wide variety of options and always plenty of deals; whether you want to stay overlooking a marina or mountains, sandy shores or secluded countryside there are great apartments almost everywhere you would want to look.

Provence Cote d'Azur holiday apartment offers

Provence pet-friendly holiday deals

This region of France is incredibly popular with walkers, hikers and outdoor explorers and understandably a lot of people want to bring their pets with them to this region. The warm air does us all good whether we’re human or not! There are plenty of great pet friendly options in this area wherever you choose to stay and plenty of facilities that cater for dogs and other pets should you need a break! The area is incredible for dogs who will love the outdoors probably more than you!

Provence pet friendly holiday rentals

Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur family deals

While parts of this region are expensive you can still find plenty of great deals and thankfully your costs once you’re there won’t be too high; provided you don’t spend all your time in Monte Carlo’s famous casino or drinking in the expensive bars! Away from the coast living costs drop dramatically and most of the entertainment on offer is free; from the beaches to the mountains and historic sites. The area is beautiful and you’ll not be bored for a second.

Provence family holiday deals

Getting to the South of France is very cheap thanks to the number of options available. Ferries are a very popular way to get there and you can grab one from most of the countries southern ports. This is a great way to take your car but many people also choose to drive the whole way from Calais in the north or simply to fly and rent a car. Flights run from around £70 return but can often be more expensive if you don’t book far enough in advance. Once you’re there food and drink you cook at home will be inexpensive and a morning visit to the patisserie and boulangerie will give you all the French cuisine you need with incredible croissants and bread at fantastically low prices!