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So it helps to know a little about the most kosher-friendly places to go. And it might also help to know that packed hotels and tour groups are not the only way to travel. It's just as easy to enjoy a totally kosher holiday from the comfort of a self-catering villa, with your own private pool and garden. And with owners direct bookings via the internet, self-catering kosher holidays are convenient, secure, and cheap.

The top 10 countries for Kosher tourism

There are plenty of wonderful destinations for Jewish holidays when you book a self-catering property, so travel with confidence with Ownersdirect and explore the world safely.

Jewish holidays in Spain

Barcelona and Madrid are great places for a kosher holiday. Barcelona is home to the superb Delicias Kosher Restaurant and has a fascinating selection of historical sights. The historic capitals of Spain would also make a wonderful mini-kosher tour. Renting a self-catering apartment would be ideal for Jewish holidaymakers, and both cities offer good kosher food.

Jewish Holidays in Spain

Kosher holidays in Croatia

Croatia is another option for a kosher holiday. Split, Dubrovnik, and Zagreb are wonderful cities with kosher food available and synagogues with active communities. The coast is beautiful around Dubrovnik as well, making a self-catering villa an attractive prospect, with private garden and pool.

Jewish Holidays in Croatia

Jewish holidays in Poland

Jewish tourism to Poland is also a superb option. Krakow, the country's most beautiful old town, has synagogue facilities at the heart of its historic Jewish district, which was used in the filming of Schindler's list. And, of course, there is nearby Auschwitz, which lets visitors experience a different kind of historical remembrance.

Jewish Holidays in Poland

Kosher holidays in India

Kosher holidays in India are an adventurous option but a good one. There are some excellent historical and heritage tours available, reflecting the ancient connection between Judaism and India. Visit Mumbai and Calcutta and see how Indian Jews of today live.

Jewish Holidays in India

Jewish holidays in Netherlands

The Netherlands are another option for kosher tourists. With plenty of self-catering properties that cater to Jewish visitors, there are many synagogues and eateries like Sal. Meijer delicatessen in Amsterdam that serve delicious kosher cuisine. And with the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam, the Netherlands are full of Jewish history.

Jewish Holidays in Netherlands<

Kosher holidays in Belgium

Belgium is another place where kosher holidays are becoming more popular. Visit the First World War battle sites and the diamond markets of Antwerp, a city that for centuries has been home to thousands of Jewish people and retains a lively Jewish quarter clustered around the diamond industry. This makes it a great place to eat kosher food and access synagogues when on holiday.

Jewish Holidays in Belgium<

Jewish holidays in England

A visit to Golders Green or Stamford Hill in London allows access to vibrant Jewish communities, with the synagogues and cultural events that this brings. Tours can be arranged of London's atmospheric East End, which was home to many thousands and Jewish emigrants from Eastern Europe and retains a unique feel.

Jewish Holidays in England

Kosher holidays in France

Visitors to Paris can also take walking tours of the Jewish sites like the Marais district, which has many superb kosher restaurants and a lively street scene. Then there are the art galleries and museums of the French capital, which everyone can enjoy.

Jewish Holidays in France

Jewish holidays in USA

New York City is another fantastic kosher tourism destination. Renting a self-catering apartment in Manhattan would allow any visitor to stroll the streets of the Lower East Side, where so many American Jews grew up to be cultural leaders. There are plenty of synagogues across the city and hundreds of Jewish kosher restaurants.

Jewish Holidays in USA

Jewish holidays in Russia

Kosher tourists can even travel with confidence to Portugal these days. Rent a home in the country or on the outskirts of Central Portugal via Ownersdirect, with a private garden and pool. Kosher tours can be organised in Lisbon and Lower Alentejo, both of which have historical connections to the world of Judaism. And there are some wonderfully restored synagogues such as the Shaaré Tikvah in Lisbon that are perfect for Shabbat worship.

Jewish Holidays in Russia

Many kosher tourists choose to travel with large tour groups and itineraries fixed by tour companies. But it can be more rewarding to organise self-catering accommodation. Self-catering travellers can set their own agenda and deal directly with property owners, who will cater to their specific needs. Have the privacy of a home instead of the anonymity of a hotel, and make sure that your family has their kosher needs met while having a great time. With owners direct bookings via, Jewish travellers can holiday with confidence, experiencing their heritage and keeping kosher without any problems at all.