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  • Luxury cottages UK

    Whether you want to stay in a 16th-century cosy cottage or a modernised luxury cottage with a pool the U.K., Owner’s Direct has just the properties for you.

  • Cottages to rent

    Why not rent a cottage for your next holiday? These self-catering solutions enable you to have the freedom to eat and drink what you like and when you like, at a price that’s generally much lower than booking an all-inclusive holiday.

  • Holiday Cottages

    Every holiday is different of course, and everybody has their own preferences when it comes to determining what constitutes a great holiday. And then it also depends which holiday is being discussed!

  • Pet friendly cottages

    Many cottage owners understand that pet owners want to take their dog or dogs on holiday with them. After all, they are often more than a pet but an actual part of the family. A lot of holiday cottages are built in such a way and in such a location that br…