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  • Luxury Chalet accommodations

    There’s plenty to be said in favour of winter sports; they are some of the most challenging and exciting activities we enjoy, and, they give us something to look forward to as we escape dark and dreary England for winter wonderlands around the world.

  • Villas with pools

    When it comes to going on holiday with a large group of friends or a big family, things can start to get expensive. With all the extra room costs, it can often put a lot of people off going on holiday with a big group of people.

  • Luxury villas

    Luxury Mediterranean villas epitomise the height of summer holidays around the world. With the Med boasting a seemingly infinite supply of sun-soaked sandy beaches, beautiful towns, villages, and lively resorts, it has come to be our favourite beach destin…

  • Luxury cottages UK

    Whether you want to stay in a 16th-century cosy cottage or a modernised luxury cottage with a pool the U.K., Owner’s Direct has just the properties for you.

  • Cottages to rent

    Why not rent a cottage for your next holiday? These self-catering solutions enable you to have the freedom to eat and drink what you like and when you like, at a price that’s generally much lower than booking an all-inclusive holiday.

  • Holiday Cottages

    Every holiday is different of course, and everybody has their own preferences when it comes to determining what constitutes a great holiday. And then it also depends which holiday is being discussed!

  • Pet friendly cottages

    Many cottage owners understand that pet owners want to take their dog or dogs on holiday with them. After all, they are often more than a pet but an actual part of the family. A lot of holiday cottages are built in such a way and in such a location that br…

  • Skiing holiday accommodation

    A skiing holiday is the ideal solution to a family vacation dilemma and the perfect antidote to the winter blues. If you're reasonably fit and fancy a challenge, then a trip to one of the world's thousands of ski resorts will open up a whole new dimension …

  • New Forest family accommodations

    The New Forest in Hampshire is the UK’s most beautiful forest and one of the most often overlooked family destination in the south of England.

  • Family holidays Lake District

    Family holidays to the Lake District take you to one of England’s most spectacular, scenic and downright stunning regions with some of the most beautiful lakes, hills and villages the UK can offer.