Honeymoon holidays

One of the most exciting decisions that couples need to make when planning their wedding is where to go on the honeymoon! There are so many options, but whatever you're after, we'll help you find the perfect accommodation to make your trip extra special.

One of the most exciting decisions that couples need to make when planning their wedding is where to go on their honeymoon! After all the excitement and stress of the big day, the perfect honeymoon is an essential start in embarking on a lifetime of happiness together!

January — Caribbean

Everybody knows the Caribbean, even though no one knows how to pronounce the name of these honeymoon islands properly. A honeymoon to the Caribbean is packed with sunshine, white beaches and coconut cocktails. The benefit of visiting the Caribbean in January is that the temperature won't be as scorching hot as in, say, July. The lower temperatures entail fewer visitors as well, which means you have more of the beaches, bars and restaurants to yourself, which only adds to the romance.

Caribbean honeymoon favorite destination

February — Brazil

Brazil is well-known for its extravagant Carnival. If you enjoy exotic parties and bright colours, Carnival in Brazil makes for probably the best honeymoon you could wish for. If you want a moment of natural tranquillity, just head for the mountains. February is quite a wet month in Brazil, which means that if you really hate rain, you'll need to bring an umbrella. February is also a summer month in Brazil, so you won't have any reason to complain about the temperature.

Brazil honeymoon favorite destination

March – Mexico

March and Mexico: it's not just the alliteration that makes this a good option for your honeymoon. In Mexico, March is chock-full of festivals. The Guadalajara International Film Festival is a must-attend for any film freak. Other festivals include the Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival, the Xochimilco Festival de la Flor Mas Bella (a flower show), the Maya Food and Wine Festival and many, many others. Plenty to see and do for an absolutely top honeymoon!

Mexico honeymoon favorite destination

April — Florida

Florida is America at its most beautiful, while also being civilized. April is a particularly nice month to make a trip to Florida, since the temperatures are very agreeable and there are plenty of festivals, such as the Florida Film Festival and the Springing the Blues Festival. Thanks to its many events, festivals and areas of natural beauty, Florida is an excellent honeymoon destination. Rent a holiday home and you'll be set for your entire honeymoon.

Florida honeymoon favorite destination

May — Turkey

Before May, all of Turkey is rife with snow, blizzards and harsh winds. In May, Turkey turns into a beautiful country with lovely weather, though. The days are long and sunny and there's hardly any rainfall at all. There are plenty of festivals to attend to in Turkey in May: the Istanbul Tulip Festival is very romantic. Stick to the west of Turkey if you're visiting in May: the east and northeast tend to be rather chilly.

Turkey honeymoon favorite destination

June — Spain

If you like festivals, visiting Spain in June is a terrific idea. There are at least thirty festivals in Madrid alone - your honeymoon will be quite the adventure. Spain has snowy mountains, beautiful beaches and lush grasslands, so if you like nature, you'll be set in Spain. The country can be punishingly hot in July, but in June, the weather is nice and hot. Also, what could possibly be a better honeymoon than one full of sangría and tapas?

Spain honeymoon favorite destination

July — Portugal

If you fancy the highest of temperatures and days radiating with sunlight, Portugal in July is a sound option for your honeymoon. During daytime, the temperatures are always in the thirties. At night, the temperatures drop a bit, so you won't have to change clothes if you fancy a night stroll. If you want a honeymoon full of baking in the sun and spending time around the beach, Portugal won't disappoint you. There are festivals too, especially catering to rock music fans.

Portugal honeymoon favorite destination

August — Greece

Greece is often called the nation with a thousand islands and August is a particularly nice time to visit a couple of them. August is quite a hot month and the peak of the travel season, so it can be a bit busy. The fifteenth is a national holiday in Greece. There are many, many festivals in August, all with different themes. There's so much to see in Greece that your honeymoon will be filled to the rim with everlasting memories.

Greece honeymoon favorite destination

September — Croatia

Do you enjoy the colour that fall brings with it? If so, definitely visit Croatia in September. It'll be too cold to swim in the sea or lie on the beaches, but the entire country turns into a beautiful array of brown, yellow and red. The country's majestic capital, Zagreb, is especially beautiful around that time of the year. Croatia makes for an affordable honeymoon too, as everything is quite cheap compared to the UK.

Croatia honeymoon favorite destination

October — Morocco

You could call Morocco a cold country with a blazing sun. The summers are incredibly hot, whereas the winters make the British cold pale in comparison. Therefore, it is best to visit Morocco in spring or autumn. Morocco offers exotic cities - Marrakech and Casablanca - as well as legendary mountains and deserts. Travelling around Ramadan can prove to be a challenge, as many shopkeepers will close their shops. However, don't let Ramadan withhold you: the Moroccans are very friendly people.

Morocco honeymoon favorite destination

November — Austria

If snow-covered castles and mountains are what your honeymoon needs, Austria is a perfect honeymoon destination for you. Around this time of the year, there are famed Christmas markets all over the country, with plenty of folk music and local dishes. From skiing and experiencing Austrian 'gemütlichkeit' to sipping glühwein, Austria won't disappoint you at all. The country is easy to fly to, so you won't have to spend a lot of time buckled up in your seat. Do bring warm clothes, as it can be quite cold.

Austria honeymoon favorite destination

December — Thailand

The last month of the year is the most popular month among tourists to visit Thailand. That's not surprising, as the weather is perfect: there is hardly any rainfall and the temperatures are very comfortable. Thailand is well-known for its natural splendour: if you want your honeymoon to be packed with jungles and temples, head to Thailand in December. Thailand is very popular with backpackers, as the costs of living are low and the Thai are very hospitable and welcoming.

Thailand honeymoon favorite destination