You have infinitely more freedom than you find in any hotel; you can eat what you want to, when you want to, you can relax, unwind and escape the world. By renting a villa you can choose to visit different beautiful destinations at a fantastic price. If you keep the weather in mind you can always having a perfect break away, at any time of the year. Note: Ratings below are based on editors experience to those destinations. This does not represent the accommodation quality.

Croatia for less than £400/week

Croatia is only a £160 flight away, so it is an excellent destination for a cheap villa break. The weather in Croatia is perfect, sunny and warm but not too hot because you are never far from the sea. If you drink the local wine or beer, each drink will cost you slightly less than at home. If you hire a small car it will cost a very reasonable £100 for a week with unlimited mileage and all the extras. Eat and drink Croatian brands for maximum economy. In terms of sights, the natural scenery is incredibly beautiful and the historical attractions from castles to cathedrals are sublime in their magnificence.

croatia-villa-p818774.jpg (Croatia special offer holiday villas)

Madeira for less than £300/week

EasyJet will take you to Madeira for only £87 inclusive of taxes (plus all the usual cheap airline extras). With the perfect weather, Madeira is an excellent destination all year round, with many Britons choosing to spend the winter there. Hiring a small car with the extras is £90 for a week of unlimited mileage. Prices in restaurants fall dramatically as you travel further from Funchal, so it is worthwhile traveling to eat, even if you stay in Funchal. Local Madeira wine is a special bargain at £5 a bottle and the island’s beauty makes it a wonderful holiday destination for rest.

madeira-p93049.jpg (Madeira special offer holiday villas)

Slovenia for less than £600/week

Slovenia is an as yet undiscovered paradise of lakes, forests and mountains that are on our doorstep; and with EasyJet flying you will be there for only £76 including taxes it really is a budget destination. Car hire in Slovenia is only £80 for a small car, so it makes a low cost way of travelling around once you are there. Wine and beer cost rather less than in the UK with beer less than £2 a pint. Petrol is about 10% less than British prices. In terms of sights, the natural beauty is the highlight, but there are castles, medieval cities and fantastic ruins, museums and food to enjoy.

slovenia-p3817018.jpg (Slovenia special offer holiday villas)

Spain villas for less £300/week

Spain is a very large country with a range of climates to match, with cooler weather in the North near the Pyrenees and hot weather in the central areas and South. Bargain flights to Spain are easy to find, e.g. EasyJet for £90. Car hire is only £40 for a week out of season and £90 a week in summer for a small car with unlimited mileage. Petrol is slightly cheaper than UK prices, so travelling costs are reasonable. Local wine and beer are about half the price of their equivalent British drinks. When you are there you can enjoy spectacular scenery and incredible towns and cities; though the sprawling sandy beaches remain the highlight.

spain-villa-p2337354.jpg (Spain special offer holiday villas)

Canary Islands villas for less than £400/week

The Canary Islands are at their best outside of the peak season summer months. The temperatures are more bearable, and there is even green to be seen. This has to be the best budget destination for the winter months. Flights start at £150 with Air Europa from London Gatwick and car hire starts at around £70 a week, with petrol about £1 a liter. Food is delicious and locally caught fish is imported which is cheap and plentiful. Beer is about the same as in the UK, with wine rather less.

canary-islands-p2132958.jpg (Canary Islands special offer holiday villas)

A villa is perfect for the romantic break of your dreams, a second honeymoon or just a quiet few weeks together away from everyone else. You can have groceries delivered if you choose or wander down to the village to buy fresh bread for breakfast each day. Rent a cheap villa for a break with another couple and have a relaxing and fun break with your friends. There is no better way take your extended family on a holiday together; each member of the family has plenty of room to do their own thing when they choose to, and you can all come together to socialise in the evenings.

Children will have plenty to occupy them, making life slightly easier for their parents. A villa is the perfect location for an extended hen party, with sunshine, pool and plenty to do; you can each have your own room even your own bathroom, too. You can find a local beautician or masseur who is willing to come to your villa to treat you all. Renting a villa from Owners Direct gives you access to an immense catalogue of villas and their description in every country, so you are certain to be stuck for choice.