Reviews Guidelines


We recognize that Content provided by Owners and Travellers is a valuable resource for other Owners and Travellers and we therefore encourage you to post content to our site in accordance with these guidelines.

Our site is family friendly and any content posted must be appropriate for our community. There are various ways in which an Owner, Traveller or user of our site (each a “User”) may contribute content to our site, including an Owners description of a property, Owners review of a Traveller or Owners response to a Traveller review and a Traveller’s review of a property, forum posts or any other content submitted by a User (collectively the “Contributed Content”).  All Contributed Content is the subjective opinion of the User who posts the content; any such Contributed Content is not the opinion of HomeAway and is not endorsed by us.

All Contributed Content must be truthful and accurate (and by posting Contributed Content, you confirm the truthfulness and accuracy). HomeAway is not responsible for any Contributed Content and will not check the accuracy, veracity or the legitimacy of Contributed Content. All Users should be aware that posting Contributed Content could subject them to legal claims (for example, for misrepresentation or defamation), and HomeAway will not arbitrate or be any part of such claim.

Content Guidelines

All Contributed Content must adhere to the Terms and Conditions of the HomeAway website on which such Contributed Content is posted and also the following guidelines:


Eligibility Guidelines

To submit a review, a Traveller or Owner must meet the following requirements:


Additional Information

We will not edit reviews on a Traveller or Owner’s behalf. A Traveller or Owner may contact Customer Service to remove their published review and the Traveller or Owner can publish a revised review subject to these guidelines.

If you wish to provide us with legal notice in respect of any Contributed Content, please do so by servicing notice in accordance with the legal notice provisions set out below. In the event of legal issues relating to any Contributed Content we reserve the right (but not the obligation) and without any admission of liability, to remove any Contributed Content from our site (including as a response to any legal notice we receive) pending resolution of any legal issues (at which time we reserve the right but not the obligation to restore any such content).


Legal notice provisions

Any legal notice re content (for example, a notice regarding infringements of copyright) should be sent to us via Contact Us and should specify the following:


These Content Guidelines were last updated on the 27 May 2017.