The Best Holiday Cottages

Every holiday is different of course, and everybody has their own preferences when it comes to determining what constitutes a great holiday.  And then it also depends which holiday is being discussed!  Are you considering a two week summer holiday, a long weekend, a second honeymoon, a quick break?  The list is endless!  Some of the most popular holidays nowadays are spent in holiday cottages.  This allows you to have tremendous freedom in as such that you have a fully equipped home to stay in, generally at a very reasonable price and in an area that you can enjoy.

What Is a Holiday Cottage?

Holiday cottages can be found all over the world.  However there is a difference between a holiday cottage and a holiday home, for example.  A cottage evokes feelings of the countryside, calmness, green fields and so on.  Country cottages are what spring to mind, basically.  If at all possible, the building should be old, white and have a wooden door and wooden beams inside.  These holiday cottages exist, as do other shapes and forms.

Generally, cottages are very cute and should not be new built buildings.  These are available too, but should not be advertised as “cottages”.

Benefits of Cottage Holidays

Finding a cottage for you and your family is very easy and there are many benefits to having a cottage holiday, such as:

  • It is easy to find cheap holiday cottages.
  • Country cottages come in a range of shapes, sizes and locations, meaning you could go for a romantic getaway or a huge family get together.
  • You have the freedom of being able to eat, cook, sleep and bathe in one location, from which you can explore the surrounding areas or just stay and enjoy where you are.

The great thing about a holiday cottage is that you can simply relax and unwind in comfort and style.  Many cottages have open fires too so you can have a great day out exploring the countryside and finish the day with a nice bottle of wine and some great food, in front of an open fire, just enjoying each other’s company.

Holiday Cottages Sizes and Prices

Holiday cottages come in a range of sizes and price ranges.  Cheap cottages can be found anywhere in the world, although the United Kingdom and France really are the place to go for authentic cottages.  A real cottage is not too large, bigger ones would normally be referred to as a barn or farmhouse, so three bedrooms really is the maximum.  This does mean you can find cottages for you and some members of your family or friends, of course.

You could choose to go on a second honeymoon in Wales, for example, enjoying the unspoilt countryside, watching the sun go down over the mountains with no signs of other life in sight.  Or you could to France with a group of friends, and find yourself in one of the little villages that you can find in many of the French regions, surrounded by vineyards.  French villagers are incredibly welcoming and friendly, and you will be likely to be invited to the numerous village fetes (there tends to be some sort of celebration on a weekly basis), or for an “apero” with the local mayor. 

The prices will also depend on the time of year in which you are looking to rent country cottages, as prices are generally higher during peak season and lower during off season, just as with any other type of holiday.  You may also be able to find some really good late or last minute deals.

How to Find Cheap Holiday Cottages

It is very easy to find cheap cottages, particularly through the Owners Direct website.  There are many different properties available in a range of different countries.  France, for example, is a very popular destination and there is an entire range of cottages available in the rural areas of France.  Wales is another area where holiday cottages are found in large numbers, so do check that area out as well.

Another way to find great country cottage locations is by speaking to some friends or members of your family.  They may know someone who owns a holiday cottage or perhaps they have recently been on a cottage holiday and have some good recommendations to give you.

What to Look for in Holiday Cottages

If you are considering renting a holiday cottage, you should always look carefully at the photographs provided by the owner and read the specifications of the cottage: does it included bed linen and towels, as well as gas and electricity for example.  Also do check how to get there and where the local supermarket is, particularly if you don’t drive, this can be very important.  In addition you should take some time to read the reviews, note when they were written and in which time of year the reviewer rented the holiday cottage, this can give you a really great idea of what your experience will be like.

Do also take some time to compare the prices of cheap cottages; it is likely that a cottage that is much cheaper than the average has some downsides, and a cottage that is much more expensive than others should have good reason for these inflated prices.  One other way to make sure you are getting a great cottage and hence a great holiday experience is by communicating with the owners.  They should always respond quickly and in a very friendly manner, answering any question you may want to ask them.  Many owners also have their own website, where you can generally view further photographs and reviews of the property.

There are a range of cottages available in a variety of countries that you can find through the Owners Direct website at some very good prices.  All you need to do is pick your destination and pack your bags, ready for that fantastic relaxing holiday in one of the many country cottages throughout the world.  Relax, unwind and enjoy without a care in the world whilst spending time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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