Child Friendly Holidays


Going on holiday with our kids is always fun and rewarding but finding great destinations for child friendly holidays can be difficult.

We want to have a great holiday ourselves with some time to relax but we also want there to plenty for our kids to do and be entertained by; as there is not much worse than bored children when we’re trying to relax! Finding a great child friendly holiday means that we get the best of all worlds and the break we need as well as the experiences for our family. With that in mind we thought we’d look at some of the best child friendly holidays on offer.

Child Friendly holidays to Cornwall

Cornwall tops our list as a favourite destination as it’s easy to get to, has a wide array of family friendly attractions and the best beaches in the UK. There are a huge amount of houses, apartments and cottages throughout the county and a lot of things for families to do. There are the wide sandy beaches, the idyllic small towns, theme parks, outdoor activity centres, museums, castles and historic houses. Cornwall’s countryside is beautiful, its beaches are idyllic and the county is the most fun a family can have in the UK!

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Child Friendly Holidays to Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are one of the most popular beach destinations in the world and each island boasts incredible beaches and a sun, filled atmosphere of rest and relaxation. Of the islands Fuerteventura and Tenerife are the best for families as they offer great beaches, fantastically fun water parks and theme parks as well as tranquil towns and resorts for you to explore. The accommodation is well suited for families and groups and the scenery is stupendous.

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Child Friendly Holidays to Mallorca

Of all the Balearic Islands Mallorca is the best for families as it has much more family centred resorts and a host of activities on offer. There are waterparks, aquariums, sea life spotting trips, outdoor activities and beautiful beaches. The towns and villages are less filled with party goers and the atmosphere is relaxing and beautifully warm. Accommodation is plentiful and there are great private retreats with pools and apartments throughout the island amidst beautiful scenery and sights.

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Child Friendly Holidays to Spain – the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is a fantastic budget destination for families and has so many family attractions for children that you won’t know where to begin. There are theme parks, water parks, zoos, castles, activity centres and almost anything your children could want to do. There are family restaurants, bars and even discos for teenagers throughout the coastal regions. The beaches are brilliant and accommodation prices are very reasonable and varied.

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Child Friendly Holidays to Malta

Malta is one of the most overlook Mediterranean islands and doesn’t attract the party goers and loud, noisy groups of many other Med destinations. Combine this with Malta’s unique history, incredible sights and wonderful culture and you can see why this remains such an incredible family destination. The natural beauty on and off land from mountains to dolphins make Malta a fantastic family attraction and accommodation is plentiful and luxurious – but not too pricey.

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These child friendly holidays are some of the best on offer in the world and will ensure you have a relaxing holiday and that your family has a lot of fun. None of these destinations are particularly expensive and all of them offer great family entertainments and beautiful beach destinations. Wherever you are thinking of going we’ve got accommodation to suit your needs at unbeatable prices.

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