Owners Direct Affiliate marketing programme

Earn money by referring qualified traffic to the Ownersdirect website.

www.ownersdirect.co.uk is one of the UK’s leading holiday rentals website that connects holiday homeowners with travellers who seek the space, privacy and amenities of holiday rental homes versus that of hotels.

If your website/business reaches the traveller market or homeowners of holiday rental properties, you can earn money by referring qualified traffic to the Ownersdirect.co.uk website.

We have teamed up with Trade Doubler to provide our publishers with an attractive affiliate programme that provides trusted third-party tracking, real-time reporting and monthly commission cheques.


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The Owners Direct affiliate programme pays out in two ways:

Property Owner referrals - Orders

You can earn commission on every property owner or property manager referral that purchases a 12 month subscription on the ownersdirect.co.uk website.

• 15% commission on 12 month listings

• 30 day cookie to track new order referrals

Holidaymaker referrals - Enquiries

You can earn commission on every traveller referral that completes a valid property enquiry on the HomeAway.co.uk website.

• £1.25 for every traveller that
places an enquiry

• 30 day cookie to track enquiries

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